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Friends are the siblings we get on the journey of our life which we cherish all throughout our life whether they stay until the end or not. There are moments whether happy or sad when spent with a true friend, that becomes a treasure. So, to celebrate the bond of friendship, you need to bring and keep your friends close and what can be a great day else than friendship day itself to cherish the friendship between you and your friend. So, this friendships day, make sure you have made all the arrangements which you think and know your friends prefer and make sure that the bond grows stronger over the time. So, at Cake Express Delhi, you will find assorted items to gift your best friend on the Friendship’s day and make him or her happy and make them smile as well. Get the cake for them which are specifically designed for them with personal likings to make your friend feel special and cherish the bond even more. If you are meeting your old school buddies this friendship day, make sure you make them really happy with lots of gifts from us. We have different types of gift items and we can wrap them up in a beautifully decorated piece of papers and other items to make the present look more precious. When it comes to friends, you must get the best for them but if you are in school or college and worried about the money, we have gifts of all range. There are cheaper but great gift items as well and gifts are gifts, price doesn’t and shouldn’t matter when you are gifting or receiving a gift what we believe Cake Express in Delhi.  So, relive the days of craziness all over again this friendship day and gift each other some of the weirdest yet memorable gifts and moments.