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About Us

Delhi, the capital city of India is famous for various reasons and obviously, how can one forget the Taj Mahal which is one of the wonders of this world and amidst all this beauty, don’t you think the cake you want to eat also need to be something special? Of course, it has to be, so we at Cake express bake cakes which are not only delicious to eat at any moment but every foodie will understand the difference we deliver in every bite of our cakes. This is why we are known as one of the best bakeries in Delhi and even if you are not a foodie but you must love cake, and thus you would love us, isn’t it? Whether you are down with the stress of work and all the problems in your life, our cakes can make you happy in any time and that is how we prepare our cakes with love and emotion-filled in it. We believe that every day is a special day in every one’s life and every cake has to be special to fit into the right mood of yours. We not only bake cakes just to provide satisfaction to your taste buds but also to your soul as we put our love and affection in the baking process. 

Every ingredient we choose is special and has some unique qualities and we can go miles to get the best of the products for you and that is what we do. If you order our cakes you would understand that we don’t deliver only cakes but a box full of love and care along with sweetness overloaded that is what we aim for cake delivery in Delhi. 

We prepare customized cakes for every occasion and thus whenever you order from us you can get a new version of the cake every time. This is what we think the best policy we have undertaken that we will customize every cake according to the occasion. As the cake you are ordering must be for someone you love and care for and thus you want to do something different for them and thus we take that responsibility and bake a cake for your loved one which is completely according to their choice and which can not only make them happy but surprised. And if you are throwing a surprise party for your friend then what else can be done without a surprise cake with lots of unique ingredients in it?

We at Cake Express always aim for the better version of each of the products we use and thus our cakes are better than most of the other outlets. You will find the exquisite range of ingredients at our bakery as we mix all those to bring the utmost taste of the cakes we provide you. All fresh and rightly chosen ingredients are used and thus no compromise is made in the preparation of the cakes and thus you get the ultimate quality of the cake. 


Our vision is very clear and we strive for only one single reason and that is quality. We might take an order of 100 cakes but our quality won’t degrade and neither the uniqueness will fade away. We aim at delivering the best quality of cakes with freshness in taste to the people of the capital city our country, Delhi. All the people at cake express also believes in the integrity of the service we provide and thus we don’t run our bakery just to sell any cake rather we see what our customers need and then after correctly understanding the need of our customers we prepare the cakes. You can understand the quality of our cakes that we are not here just to make money but to deliver you with the best quality cakes at any point in time.


As one of the most popular cake delivery services in Delhi, we aim at becoming the most sought-after cake services as well and that too because of the quality we deliver. We want to provide services day and night and thus we have midnight cake delivery in Delhi services as well and we can deliver at any time of the night and obviously in the morning. We are here to become the best cake delivery outlets with our special touch in our cakes that we bake and obviously want our customers to like us in every way possible. In last one decade, we are already one of the most renowned cake shops in Delhi but we want more of your love and calls to make us the best in the city. 


At Cake Express Delhi, you will get any cake that you have knowledge of and even those cakes which you never heard of. You just have to tell us the taste or the flavors you want and we will prepare something out of the box in few hours. We prepare cakes for every occasion and thus you can get the cakes for your anniversaries as well for your birthdays and for corporate events as well. We have fondant cakes, pastries, cream cakes as well as fruits flavor cakes. Each and every flavor you would get at our bakery which makes us unique. We also have other gift items to be sent to your loved ones along with the cakes if you are delivering at any other address that is to your family members or friends or anyone close to your heart. 


We provide round the clock online cake delivery in Delhi, you can call us at any point in time and order the kind of cake you want or a particular product and give us few hours if it is a special one which needed to be baked or else you will get the cake within the time that we need to deliver by road. 

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